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First Clean Food Blockchain Project: Nigella Chain

Nigella Chain, a pioneering platform using blockchain technology, aims to bring transparency and traceability to the agriculture and food industries. Recently, the project has made a significant move by getting listed on three major cryptocurrency exchanges: XT.COM, BitMart, and ProBit Global Exchange. 

Nigella Chain blockchain technology in agriculture and food industry
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Origins and Vision 

The platform was founded by Mr. Fatih EKE. Nigella Chain is designed to verify the origin and quality of food products. This helps in avoiding counterfeit and low-quality goods. The platform also enhances transaction processes and reduces costs by automating them with smart contracts. It supports shopping with cryptocurrencies and expands global payment options through Nigella Pay. 

Key Features 

Nigella Chain integrates popular cryptocurrencies into its ecosystem using Nigella Swap. It ensures reliable collaboration among investors through the Nigella Diamond Club. The main cryptocurrency of the ecosystem, Nigella Coin, is used for payments, swaps, and staking. This coin encourages user participation and guarantees secure transactions. 

The total supply of Nigella Coins is 188,000,000, with 47,000,000 available for sale at $8 each. So far, Nigella World Company has raised $5 million from its private sale. These sold coins are included in a 12-month staking program. 

Products and Services 

Nigella Chain offers several user-friendly products: 

  • Nigella Pay: Facilitates fast payments with real-time exchange rates. 
  • Nigella Stake: Enables coin holders to lock their coins, contributing to network integrity and earning profits. 
  • Nigella Swap: Allows quick and safe exchanges within the chain. 
  • Nigella Diamond: Provides education, testing, and certification in blockchain and NFT technologies. 

Recent Achievements 

In a recent milestone, Nigella Coin sold $100,000 worth of coins in just 8 seconds on the BitMart and XT.COM launchpads. Currently, Nigella Coin is trading on BitMart and XT.COM. The team has also announced that it will be listed on ProBit Global Exchange within a week. 

Community Engagement 

The exclusive Nigella community is hosting an airdrop event from June 12th to June 30th. This rare opportunity allows participants to earn free Nigella Coins by joining the project. Low transaction costs, alluring staking incentives, and governance rights to shape the coinbackyard.com/blockchain/megalabs-raises-20m-to-build-real-time-blockchain-megaeth/ project’s destiny are among the advantages. 

Impact on the Industry 

Nigella Chain’s comprehensive suite of services represents a significant advancement in the industry. It allows for investment and participation in the ecosystem, ensuring traceability and transparency in the food and agriculture sectors. The use of advanced blockchain technology marks a major leap forward for these industries. 

Nigella Chain is not just a platform; it’s a complete ecosystem that aims to revolutionize how we view and interact with the food and agriculture sectors. With its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Nigella Chain is set to make a lasting impact. 

July 2, 2024 at 08:00 pm

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Blockchain is a distributed ledger technology ensuring secure and tamper-proof transactions, shared across a network.

Yes, blockchain enhances cybersecurity by making data difficult to hack or alter through it's decentralized structure.

Blockchains record cryptocurrency transactions like Bitcoin securely and transparently.

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