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Oasys Blockchain to Fuel Com2uS’s Web3 Expansion in Japan

South Korean gaming giant Com2uS has embarked on a strategic partnership with the Oasys blockchain project to elevate its web3 gaming infrastructure. This collaboration marks a significant move aimed at expanding Com2uS’s foothold in the Japanese market, recognized as the world’s third-largest gaming market.

Strengthening Presence in the Japanese Market

The alliance between Com2uS and Oasys aims to bolster Com2uS’s position in Japan’s vibrant gaming landscape. With a focus on compliance with local regulations, Oasys, renowned for its affiliations with major gaming firms like SoftBank, Sega, and Ubisoft, will provide robust technical support to Com2uS and its blockchain subsidiary XPLA.

Launch of Web3 Games in Japan

Com2uS has ambitious plans to introduce two web3 games in Japan during the first half of 2024. These games, based on globally recognized intellectual properties (IPs), signify Com2uS’s strategic entry into the Japanese gaming sector. Paul Kim, the lead of XPLA team, emphasized the pivotal role of this endeavor. It aims to tap into Japan’s expansive gaming community, estimated at 55 million players.

Integration of Flagship Titles onto the Oasys Network

As part of the collaboration, Com2uS intends to integrate its flagship game franchises onto the Oasys network. Beloved titles such as ‘Summoners War: Chronicle’ and ‘The Walking Dead: All Stars’ will make their presence felt on the Oasys blockchain. This move showcases Com2uS’s commitment to leveraging blockchain technology for enhanced gaming experiences.

Introduction of the XPLA Verse: Redefining Web3 Gaming

Com2uS’s venture into the Oasys network will introduce XPLA Verse, a platform aimed at offering immersive gaming experiences to web3 players. This strategic move targets Japan’s vast gaming community while ensuring compliance with local regulations. By mid-2024, Com2uS plans to unveil two web3 games featuring globally recognized IPs, further solidifying its foothold in the burgeoning web3 gaming market.

The Innovative Architecture of the Oasys Blockchain

Oasys blockchain distinguishes itself with a unique architecture combining a layer-1 blockchain and an Ethereum-compatible, Optimistic rollup-based layer-2 scaling solution. This innovative framework facilitates the creation of tailored game versions, or “Verses,” catering to diverse game development requirements. Com2uS, a trailblazer in mobile game development in South Korea and a validator on the Oasys network, will introduce its own XPLA Verse.

Market Response and Oasys Token Performance

News of the partnership has sparked a surge in the value of the Oasys token (OAS), reflecting significant market response. The token soared by 22% to $0.1421. However, its value has since adjusted to $0.1285. Nonetheless, the collaboration is viewed as a game-changer for both Com2uS and the Oasys blockchain ecosystem.

Conclusion: A Promising Future for Web3 Gaming

The partnership between Com2uS and Oasys signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of web3 gaming.By expanding its gaming infrastructure and adhering to local regulatory frameworks, Com2uS aims to introduce popular titles to the Oasys network. This move seeks to redefine the gaming experience in Japan. This strategic alliance underscores the transformative potential of partnerships in driving innovation and growth in the dynamic web3 gaming industry.

February 16, 2024 at 09:00 am

Updated February 16, 2024 at 09:00 am


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