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Vodafone and Sensos Collaborate to Combat Supply Chain Fraud

Pairpoint, a trading venture owned by Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation, has teamed up with Sensos, a leader in smart label technology, to fight supply chain fraud.   

Their collaboration combines Pairpoint’s Economy of Things platform with Sensos’ IoT tracking solution. This partnership is being tested by US-based logistics operator Unilog at sites in the US and Europe.   

Vodafone and Sensos collaboration to combat supply chain fraud
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In 2023, Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation formed an 80/20 joint venture to offer automated IoT transactions using blockchain technology, known as ‘Economy of Things’.   

Vodafone provided its blockchain-based Digital Asset Broker (DAB) IoT trading platform, while Sumitomo invested capital. Pairpoint, backed by a €60 million investment, now employs 50 people in the UK and Portugal.   

A Few Words about Sensos   

Sensos, established in 2023 as a spin-off from Sony Semiconductor Israel, specializes in smart label technology. It was first tried out at German pharmaceuticals firm Bayer with Kigen, Murata, and Vodafone.   

Sensos’ iSIM-based smart-label solution gained traction and secured partnerships with DB Schenker. Sensos raised $20 million in a Series A funding round in February, with support from Sumitomo Corporation.   

Since its founding in 2020, Sensos has advanced its smart label solution into a proactive supply chain management tool.   

It features an AI-powered control tower that collects and analyzes data, issuing alerts for any anomalies in supply chain operations. Sensos focuses on cold-chain logistics, mission-critical shipments, and high-value goods, with support from Vodafone.   

The collaboration between Pairpoint and Sensos is a major step forward in supply chain security.   

By combining Sensos’ cellular tracking labels and AI-powered control tower with Pairpoint’s digital identity and transactional platform, the joint solution ensures secure and immutable recording of goods movements.   

Using blockchain technology and smart contracts, the solution enables automated payments for logistics transactions, improving transparency and resistance to tampering.   

Unilog, a subsidiary of ICL Group, is currently testing the joint solution at multiple sites in the US and Europe.   

Osi Tagger, CEO of Unilog, stresses the importance of technology in enhancing supply chain management, praising the seamless integration of services by the Pairpoint-Sensos alliance.   

Jorge Bento, CEO of Pairpoint, and Aviv Castro, CEO of Sensos, are excited about the collaboration’s potential to revolutionize supply chains, enhancing security, agility, and cost-efficiency.   

In summary, the collaboration between Pairpoint and Sensos marks a significant milestone in creating resilient and trustworthy supply chain ecosystems.  

By merging blockchain technology with IoT innovation, the partnership aims to transform supply chain management, empowering businesses with unprecedented security and operational efficiency. 

May 12, 2024 at 05:00 am

Updated May 12, 2024 at 05:00 am


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