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Introducing BitBoy: Retro Gaming Meets Cryptocurrency

Imagine playing your favorite classic games while earning Bitcoin – that’s exactly what Ordz Games brings with BitBoy. A handheld device like the iconic Game Boy but with a modern twist. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative fusion of retro gaming and cryptocurrency.

BitBoy Handheld Device - Retro Gaming Meets Cryptocurrency
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Key Takeaways

  • Innovative Fusion: BitBoy, developed by Ordz Games, merges retro gaming with cryptocurrency, allowing players to earn Bitcoin while indulging in classic games.
  • World’s First Gamefi + DEPIN Device: BitBoy One, set to release later this year, debuts at the Hong Kong Web3 Gaming Expo before its official launch; happening at Paris Blockchain Week.
  • Retro Gaming with a Modern Twist: Inspired by the Nintendo Game Boy, BitBoy features a sleek translucent orange design. It offers a nostalgic gaming experience with a Web3 twist.
  • Bitcoin Integration: BitBoy incorporates Bitcoin into its design, with each device including a digital collectible NFT. It uses Bitcoin’s blockchain to record gaming experiences as “ordinals.”
  • Legal Compliance: While BitBoy allows retro game simulation, Ordz Games stresses the importance of owning game copies and adhering to copyright laws for ROM usage.
  • Functional Hardware Wallet: In addition to gaming, BitBoy serves as a fully functional hardware wallet compatible with popular Bitcoin wallet apps. It enables users to manage wallets, trade, and mine Bitcoin directly from the device.
  • Future Possibilities: BitBoy’s NFC compatibility opens doors for future trading card games, while its one-to-one 3D rendering.
  • Groundbreaking Innovation: BitBoy bridges retro gaming and cryptocurrency, blending nostalgia, innovation, and functionality.

BitBoy is the world’s first Gamefi + DEPIN Device. Ordz Games, a company from Hong Kong, makes it. They call the device BitBoy One and it will come out later this year. First, it will debut at the Hong Kong Web3 Gaming Expo. Then, it will officially launch at Paris Blockchain Week. You can preorder it starting in mid-April.

Retro Gaming with a Bitcoin Twist

BitBoy is inspired by the classic Nintendo Game Boy. It gives players a nostalgic gaming experience but adds a Web3 twist. Its sleek design, in translucent orange, brings retro gaming into the modern age. What makes it special is that players can earn Bitcoin while playing retro-style games on it. This mixes childhood memories with financial opportunities.

The founder of BitBoy, known as “z3th,” has made Bitcoin a central part of the device’s design. Each BitBoy device comes with a digital collectible NFT. This makes every device part of a limited-edition series. BitBoy utilizes Bitcoin’s blockchain to record gaming experiences as “ordinals.” These ordinals function like Bitcoin NFTs, attached to individual satoshis. This blending of gaming and cryptocurrency is a new way of doing things for both industries.

While BitBoy lets users play retro games through emulation, Ordz Games wants to make sure everything is legal. They stress the importance of owning game copies and following copyright laws when using ROMs.

BitBoy isn’t just for gaming – it’s also a fully functional hardware wallet. It works with popular Bitcoin wallet apps. Users can manage their wallets, trade, and even mine Bitcoin right from the device. This makes it easy for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to use.

Future Possibilities

BitBoy comes with NFC compatibility. This means it can be used for future trading card games. It blends physical and digital gaming seamlessly. Each BitBoy device has a one-to-one 3D rendering.

This lets users explore virtual versions of BitBoy in VR environments. BitBoy is a groundbreaking innovation. It connects retro gaming and cryptocurrency. It blends nostalgia, innovation, and functionality uniquely. BitBoy is bringing in a new era of gaming and digital asset integration.

April 9, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Updated April 9, 2024 at 1:00 pm


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BitBoy is an innovative handheld gaming device that merges the fun of retro gaming with the financial benefits of cryptocurrency. It allows players to earn Bitcoin by playing classic games, featuring a unique, sleek design reminiscent of the iconic Game Boy.

BitBoy uses the Bitcoin blockchain to reward players with Bitcoin for their gaming achievements. Each device includes a digital collectible NFT and uses ordinals to record gaming experiences directly on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Future enhancements include NFC compatibility for trading card games and one-to-one 3D rendering for virtual exploration of BitBoy devices. These features aim to expand the device's capabilities and integrate physical and digital gaming experiences.

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