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Europe’s Metaverse Dominance: The Need for an ‘Airbus for the Web4 Era’

Europe is aiming for the top spot in the Web 4.0 game. Experts from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) have laid out a plan for how to get there. They’re saying Europe needs to create something like Airbus but for the metaverse – that fancy new digital world everyone’s talking about.

Just like how Airbus became the big shot in making airplanes by merging French, German, and Spanish companies. Europe needs to team up across borders to dominate the metaverse scene. Think of it as a powerhouse conglomerate solely focused on making Europe the boss of Web 4.0.

European Metaverse strategy cityscape with integrated national flags.
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Why Airbus, you ask? Well, LSE folks reckon it’s all about how Airbus knows to play the international game and keep Europe ahead in the aerospace market. So, if they can do it for planes, they reckon Europe can do it for the metaverse too.

LSE’s report points out some European companies already rocking it in the metaverse game, like BMW, Ikea, and others. They’ve got success stories that show Europe’s got what it takes. Based on these wins, LSE came up with three big ideas to push Europe to the top:

  1. Forming the Metaverse Airbus: Just like how Airbus shook up the aerospace scene, Europe needs a big metaverse conglomerate. This powerhouse would bring together the best brains and bucks from across Europe; all to make sure the continent leads the charge in Web 4.0.
  2. Training for Success: LSE says Europe’s workforce needs a boost to handle the metaverse challenge. That means skill-building time to get everyone up to speed with what it takes to innovate in this new digital realm.
  3. Government Backup: It’s not just about businesses doing their thing – governments need to lend a hand too. LSE’s report calls for leaders to get on board, supporting projects that span borders and setting standards to keep Europe ahead of the game.

Michael Barngrover, a big shot at XR4Europe, thinks LSE’s ideas are worth pondering. He reckons there’s more than one way for Europe to hit the Web 4.0 jackpot, but LSE’s suggestions are worth considering.

So, there you have it – Europe’s eyeing the metaverse throne, and LSE’s got a roadmap for how to get there. It’s all about teamwork, training, and a little government backing. Who knows, maybe the next big thing in tech will have a European stamp all over it.

April 29, 2024 at 5:00 am

Updated April 29, 2024 at 5:00 am


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Europe aims to dominate the Metaverse by forming a conglomerate similar to Airbus, leveraging cross-border collaboration and pooling resources and expertise from across the continent.

LSE suggests forming a powerful conglomerate, boosting workforce skills, and securing government support to lead in the digital realm of Web 4.0.

Notable European companies like BMW and Ikea are pioneering in the Metaverse, demonstrating the continent's potential to lead in this new digital era.

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