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Fandomdao challenge 2: Billboard Music Awards Voting Event with an Amazing Airdrop of FAND Tokens

SocialFi not only allows users to generate revenue by incentivizing them while creating content, something that the existing Web2 could not provide, but also provides various features such as digital ownership and freedom from censorship, allowing users to freely express their views. It is in the spotlight as a new blockchain trend in 2024.

Fandomdao,” a groundbreaking SocialFi platform that empowers users with unprecedented control over data, freedom of expression, and the ability to generate revenue through social interactions, brings together artists and global fandoms from around the world to communicate freely, create and share content such as clubs, feeds, and events, where every user interaction is rewarded as economic value.

Fandomdao, the cutting-edge Web3.0 social platform that champions global fandoms, presents its second Impactful Donation Challenge in partnership with the esteemed Billboard Music Awards. Building upon previous successful ventures, such as the Squid Game Season 2 donation challenge, Fandomdao reaffirms its commitment to philanthropy and community empowerment.

The “Fandomdao Challenge 2” beckons fans to effortlessly participate in the voting process through simple registration on the Fandomdao website. By casting a vote for their favored contender to win the 2024 , participants not only contribute to the automatic accumulation of donations based on the final voter turnout but also champion the Hear the World Foundation in its mission to support hearing-impaired children globally.

In addition, $FAND tokens will be airdropped for free to first place voters. As this is a potential opportunity for early participants before the tokens are released, a lot of participation is expected, and the event will be held on the Fandomdao site until 5 a.m. on March 18th.

Meanwhile, the ‘Billboard Music Awards’ stands as one of the premier American pop music awards ceremonies, alongside the ‘American Music Awards’ and the ‘Grammy Awards.’

February 17, 2024 at 11:29 am

Updated February 17, 2024 at 11:29 am


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