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Roaring Kitty’s Massive GameStop Bet Draws Manipulation Allegations

Keith Gill, or as you might know him, “Roaring Kitty,” is facing accusations of market manipulation. The accusations concern his enormous GameStop (GME) position worth over $300 million. The allegations come from Citron Research, a prominent firm that has been shortening GME stock.

Roaring Kitty, Keith Gill, discussing his $300 million GameStop (GME) investment on a video stream.
Source: https://www.tronweekly.com/

In a recent post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter), Citron claimed Gill’s GameStop plays appear more like manipulation than traditional investing:

“Now, with $GME, he posts with a large account and significant near-term option position, appearing more like manipulation without a solid thesis. Considering the stock is now 2,000% higher than his initial video almost 4 years ago.”

Citron’s criticism came shortly after Gill revealed that his GME position has gained over $300 million in value. At the current rate, he could become a GameStop billionaire by the end of this week if prices keep rising.

Gill shared a screenshot showing he had purchased:

  • 5 million GME shares for $115.7 million
  • $65.7 million in GME call options expiring June 21 with $20 strike

Potential Backing Allegations

Citron also alleged Gill’s massive GameStop bet may have been financially backed by a larger entity, though they did not provide evidence.

Citron Remains a Major GME Short-Seller

According to the Kobeissi Letter, Citron recently announced taking a new short position in GME stock.

In early 2021, a GameStop buying frenzy led by Roaring Kitty forced Citron and others to close out their short positions at 100% losses over $100M.

GME stock is up 21% currently and over 71% this past month, trading around $28 in pre-market on June 4th.

Retail Investor Backlash

Citron’s allegations of manipulation by Roaring Kitty drew backlash from retail GME investors on social media:

  • Fitzzzy: “DFV [Gill] was buying ITM calls in April/May $100k at a time. Those were worth over $10M each on May 13th/14th.”
  • Comedyorwat: “You know what’s funny? We had the very same questions about your short positions over 240% before the sneeze…”
  • Wolf of My Street: “The FBI raided your house back in 2021” (referencing a 2021 raid on Citron founder’s home)

Some might say Roaring Kitty’s outsized bullish GameStop position is questionable. But his supporters argue he has simply been an extremely committed and fortunate investor in the company.

The situation highlights the ongoing bitter divide between the GameStop “ape” investor community and short-sellers who have suffered major losses betting against the stock’s rise.

June 4, 2024 at 08:00 pm

Updated  June 4, 2024 at 08:00 pm



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Roaring Kitty is the online alias of Keith Gill, a retail investor famous for his significant investments in GameStop (GME) and his role in the stock's dramatic rise.

Roaring Kitty, or Keith Gill, is accused by Citron Research of market manipulation due to his massive GameStop position worth over $300 million, which they claim appears more like manipulation than traditional investing.

The retail investor community has largely supported Roaring Kitty, with many criticizing Citron Research and defending Gill as a committed and fortunate investor in GameStop. The debate highlights the ongoing tension between retail investors and short-sellers.

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