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The Top ICO Is Anticipated To Experience a Significant Price Surge in a Bullish Market In 2024 — Rollbit investors Shifting To $PIK

As the new year begins, cryptocurrency investors are on the lookout for the ‘Best Casino Coin ICO’ of 2024. This has led to a strong buying cycle for the “New Rollbit” in the online casino realm. With rumors circulating about the new 2024 Initial Coin Offering, sales have explosively increased, expecting possible returns of +100%. The PIK Token presale aims to encourage more Rollbit holders to switch or diversify their investment plans.

The first phase of the PIK Token Initial Coin Offering took place a month ago. According to the official website, nearly 13,000,000 tokens were sold during the first presale, raising approximately $257,000 in investor funds. With the second presale underway at a price of 0.5 USDT per token and set to conclude on the 17th, investors are advised to act quickly. Following endorsements from cryptocurrency media outlets like CoinCodex, labeling $PIK ICO as the best investment opportunity in 2024, many traders speculate that the entire token presale might end prematurely.

The Top ICO Is Anticipated To Experience a Significant Price Surge in a Bullish Market In 2024 — Rollbit investors Shifting To $PIK
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What is PIK Token, and how much do online casino users need it?

N-PIK” the next-generation online casino service, secures transparency, safety, fairness, and high-profit potential. It operates as a blockchain-based online betting service with a legitimate casino license from the Ugandan government, presenting a solution to global concerns about the reliability of crypto casinos. This is expected to be a preferred choice for many investors in the future, and most Rollbit investors anticipating growth show a positive inclination towards investing their funds in the PIK Token Initial Coin Offering.

Why Rollbit investors are moving their funds to this new ICO in 2024

Why do the top online casino users desire to switch to a new coin? They realize that the opportunity to gain profits as significant as 100 times or even 10,000 times their current assets on Rollbit may have come to an end. Some latecomers are seeking rapid rises in 2024 with alternative altcoins, as the growth potential of Rollbit, which has already experienced a significant price increase, may be harder to anticipate.

From a general perspective, ICOs of Altcoins and casino coins generate more substantial profits than existing coins, bringing “new and old together.” In this context, the PIK Token presale stands out as the best ICO.

The number of online casino and Altcoin users benefiting from this new casino coin ICO by participating in the $PIK token presale is exponentially increasing, quickly depleting the limited token quantity.

PIK Token issues a limited number of tokens — Anticipating faster burning similar to Bitcoin halving

The scarcity of Bitcoin’s supply has been a driving force behind price increases. With millions now using cryptocurrencies, owning the entire $BTC has become much more expensive than during the ICO era in the early 2010s. ICO investors acquired Bitcoin at prices close to a penny, but in 2024, cryptocurrency investors would need to pay nearly $50,000 to own the entire token. This is influenced by the periodic halving of Bitcoin issuance, with 2024 being the year.

PIK Token, known as the “2nd Rollbit” for new casino token users, has a limited quantity of 150 million tokens, similar to Bitcoin. Additionally, it employs a deflationary structure, burning 5% of profits from online casino N-PIK regularly, making it superior to Bitcoin’s halving system. Consequently, PIK Token is expected to yield substantial profits.

Long-term Investment

Similar to ERC-20 cryptocurrencies, the expected effect of demand-driven token value increases is anticipated for PIK Token. With a limited supply of 150 million tokens, once the ICO reaches the hard cap, listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges is expected, leading to a significant price surge. Additionally, the burning of unused PIK Tokens in circulation induces a restricted supply in the public market, promoting price increases — an excellent long-term strategy for market volatility.

Short-term Investment

Short-term investors are looking forward to immediate daily casino profit dividends from the next-generation online casino service, “N-PIK.” According to the official whitepaper of online casino N-PIK, investors who purchased tokens in the first presale can receive a daily profit dividend of 30% upon N-PIK’s launch. Investors acquiring tokens in the second presale and public sale can start receiving profits one month after the sale ends. This reward is available to PIK Token holders alone and is expected to generate substantial profits, considering Rollbit’s impressive annual revenue of $500 million.

Furthermore, N-PIK holds revenue expansion potential through its affiliate, Kenya casino Galaxy’s “N-BIX (holding a legal Kenya license).” PIK token holders receive daily dividends from N-PIK’s 30% profits, along with dividends from N-BIX. Initial ICO participants of PIK Token can use “PLYP (game token),” distributed only through events, in games, or generate additional income through USDT bank swaps at a 5% increased price.

Who created $PIK Token?

Similar to Bitcoin, the founders of PIK Token remain anonymous and will likely stay hidden in the cryptocurrency world forever. However, “N-PIK” ensures transparency, safety, fairness, and high-profit potential as a blockchain-based online betting service holding a legitimate casino license. It demonstrates the transparent and secure verification of user assets and operates fairly under the supervision of the Ugandan government agency “LGRB (Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board Uganda).” This serves as clear evidence that N-PIK and $PIK Token are not fraudulent.

Is $PIK a scam?

The sophisticated game plan emulating some of the fundamental principles of Bitcoin is just one reason why cryptocurrency investors prefer PIK Token ICO over Rollbit, rather than evidence of a scam.

As mentioned earlier, N-PIK operates fairly under the legitimate license of the national government and is supervised by government agencies. Additionally, $PIK has been evaluated as a trustworthy Initial Coin Offering by ICOLINK, with an overall trust score of 5.00. From the perspective of the general public, reliable cryptocurrency sources affirm that PIK Token is not a scam.

Traders exploring investment opportunities are likely to find encouragement through publicly available posts. According to N-PIK representatives, PIK Token is scheduled to be listed on leading cryptocurrency websites such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, and Etherscan.

N-PIK is conducting a “Staging Server (CBT)” concurrently with the PIK Token ICO 2nd presale. Joining N-PIK now provides a 1,000 USDT reward, allowing users to enjoy and experience various betting games exclusive to Enpik before its official launch.

To stay updated on the latest news and not miss out on the ICO that will be the best in 2024, bookmark the PIK Token presale exclusive official website, and follow their official Twitter and Telegram group channels.

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