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The World First Gold Standard Digital Currency

BDTCOIN  is  an  exclusive  Gold  standard  digital  currency  revolutionizing  the global finance with multiple financial players, a dynamic cutting-edge blockchain built with QUANTUM-resistant protocols and DeFi Ecosystem.

BDTCOIN is an emerging digital currency in the digital world introduced at the end of 2022. Unlike other traditional digital currencies that are not backed by any physical assets, BDTCOIN is backed by Gold and not any fiat currency worldwide, giving it a unique advantage in the market.

As a digital store of value and method of exchange, the blockchain BDTCOIN facilitates a new revolutionary DeFi ecosystem with multiple financial players for its users worldwide to control their own money and data. This enables greater access to financial services, lower costs, faster transactions, and more financial freedom overall.

BDTCOIN is a decentralized digital currency/ an electronic coin with a chain of digital signatures that allows users to exchange value/assets with one another via a peer-to-peer network and equal power to connect directly for their different  transactions  seamlessly  thus  averring  Identification  User  Protection, Security For The Money, Synchronized Collaborations Between Parties, Transparency, Trust, Value For Assets, Resilience etc.

The blockchain BDTCOIN is built with quantum-resistant protocols and with the use of Paper Wallet, Software Wallets, Cold Storage, Hardware Wallets to aver security protection for the users as well as further security measures such as the

biometrics thus finger prints for both accounts and hardware in order to ensure

November 30, 2023 at 10:05 am

Updated November  30, 2023 at 10:05 am


Immutability, Privacy/ Confidentiality, Integrity And Authenticity.

The blockchain is designed to offer a better and  advanced  ecosystem with a product suite including wallet platforms, Exchange houses platforms and mining platforms with unique utilities features make the digital currency exceptional with its ability as a SOLUTION PROVIDER.



The Wallet platform is a crypto reserve bank that attracts all forms of digital assets hence a crypto reserve. It allows users to store, manage and transact with their crypto currency assets as well as other currencies. It is a secure and user- friendly platform that offers fast and  efficient transactions making it a convenient option for individuals, businesses organizations and  governments aligned to handle utility transactions and other transactions such as; Payroll distribution, payment gateway services, fund transfer services, cash-in and cash-out, white label services, merchant payment solutions, ATM services, cryptocurrencies exchanges, Forex, bank integration, mobile payment solutions,

With this feature the users can easily track their portfolios, monitor market trends and make instant transfers with low fees. It provides an accessible entry point for individuals to participate in the cryptocurrencies’ world.



The exchange  house platform  is a crypto bank reserve that is used as an exchange medium for all cryptocurrencies and other fiat currencies worldwide along with other payment solutions thus payroll distribution, cash-in &cash-out, ATM solutions, fund transfer, Bank integration and others world wide.

The BDTCOIN blockchain ecosystem eases the accessibility and availability of digital currencies/ assets and other services to users hence creating a solution as a medium of exchange for the different cryptocurrencies and other transactions to users worldwide.

As we embrace the ending success of BDTCOIN’s ICO period, BDTCOIN  is organizing the Greatest ever IEO launch with over 200 exchange houses.


Mining Platforms:

With its unique Blockchain, opportunities are being provided for investment such as mining platforms and instant trading options whether long-term, short-term or mid-term options hence empowering society with financial capacity.

It also enables miners to work freely with its un-matched mining software called the STRATUM MINING PROTOCOL which uses a two-way TCP socket directly, so

that miners don’t need to use HTTP LONGPOLL MINING PROTOCOL in order to ensure they receive immediate updates from mining pools when a new block is broadcasted to the peer-to-peer network.



Following the digital currency’s concluding ICO period,  BDTCOIN  has not only established itself as the first world gold-standard digital currency but also gained audience/ exposure worldwide due to its a dynamic blockchain with quantum- resistant protocols being continuous developed and improved to enhance the security checks.

BDTCOIN has a total supply of 71 million coins and in its on going ICO period gazette a sale-off of 14.2million coin worldwide.


In conclusion 

The future of finance is open, borderless, and quantum-secure. BDTCOIN is revolutionizing the global finance, with its gold standard backing, quantum-level security protocols, and an advanced DeFi ecosystem with diverse functionality payments solutions, exchanges, multiple financial players and more.


BDTCOIN at a Glance:

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Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks, and it’s important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions. (Please keep in mind that this post is solely for informative purposes and should not be construed as financial or investment advice.)


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