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Orderly Network Launches on Mantle: Transforming Omnichain Perps Trading

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our omnichain expansion on the Mantle Network. This marks a significant leap forward in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi), particularly in the domain of perpetual swaps (perps) trading.

Orderly Network’s omnichain vault is now live on Mantle, offering traders, protocols, and founders within the Mantle ecosystem an unparalleled trading experience. With this integration, Mantle users gain access to omnichain perps trading across major Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains.

Imagine trading seamlessly across various networks using an order book interface. This is now a reality with Orderly Network on Mantle, where liquidity is abundant and execution speeds are lightning-fast.

Orderly Network integration with Mantle Network for omnichain perps trading.
Source: https://orderly.network/

Key Highlights of the Mantle Ecosystem’s Omnichain Approach

Shared Liquidity for Omnichain Perps Trading:

Orderly Network’s shared liquidity model pools liquidity from multiple chains into a unified order book. This ensures tighter spreads and reduced slippage, making trading more efficient for users. Traders can now engage in perps trading with leverage of up to 50x across diverse assets.

Seamless Integration for Developers:

Projects on the Mantle Network can effortlessly launch omnichain perps decentralized exchanges (DEXs) without grappling with liquidity concerns. Leveraging the Orderly Software Development Kit (SDK), developers can swiftly create decentralized applications (dApps) that seamlessly interact across multiple chains.

Scalable Modular Architecture for Cost-efficient Deployment:

Through Celestia’s modular decentralized application (DA) network, Orderly Network can scale its infrastructure rapidly and cost-effectively. This facilitates quicker deployment for projects integrating with Orderly and ensures adaptability to evolving user bases.

Permissionless CEX-level Trading Experience:

Orderly Network offers a low-latency, high-throughput infrastructure ideal for high- frequency trading (HFT) and advanced trading strategies. Pro traders on Mantle can now enjoy an order book interface akin to centralized exchanges (CEXs), with self-custody and on-chain transparency guaranteed.

The Orderly Omnichain Expansion in Detail

Starting from NEAR, the Orderly Omnichain expansion aims to consolidate DeFi liquidity across multiple blockchain networks. This initiative has extended our asset vaults to leading EVM-based networks like Arbitrum, Polygon, Base, and OP.

With the deployment of the Orderly omnichain vault on Mantle, traders can seamlessly engage in perps trading without the need for asset bridging. This enhances capital efficiency, reduces slippage, and improves risk management strategies.

Mantle Network’s Commitment to EVM-compatible Scaling

Mantle Network is dedicated to providing an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible scaling solution. Its modular architecture combines an optimistic rollup with innovative data availability solutions, ensuring cheaper and more accessible data availability while maintaining Ethereum’s security.

Gabriel Gareth Foo, DeFi Growth Lead at Mantle, highlights the significance of this collaboration in enhancing DeFi accessibility and scalability. By leveraging Orderly Network’s infrastructure, Mantle aims to offer users CEX-level performance, fostering a more robust DeFi ecosystem.

Looking Ahead

With Orderly Network’s expansion to Mantle, we anticipate a surge in developer and trader activity. The first project integration is already underway, promising innovative solutions and increased trading volumes.

As we surpass $30 billion in total trading volume and maintain our position in the top 5 on DefiLlama, we extend our gratitude to our brokers, traders, and the ever-expanding ecosystem.

Orderly Network continues to make DeFi more robust, efficient, and accessible. Stay tuned for the imminent arrival of the omnichain vault, revolutionizing on-chain trading experiences.

May 30, 2024 at 02:00 am

Updated  May 30, 2024 at 02:00 am



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Omnichain perps trading on Mantle Network allows traders to trade perpetual swaps across multiple Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) chains using Orderly Network's shared liquidity model, providing a seamless and efficient trading experience.

The shared liquidity model pools liquidity from multiple chains into a unified order book, ensuring tighter spreads and reduced slippage, making trading more efficient for users.

The scalable modular architecture, powered by Celestia's modular decentralized application network, allows Orderly Network to rapidly and cost-effectively scale its infrastructure, facilitating quicker deployment for projects and adaptability to evolving user bases.

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