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Ethereum L2 Eclipse CEO: Sexual Misconduct Allegations Made Him Step Back 

Eclipse, the Ethereum layer 2 blockchain, faces turbulence as its CEO, Neel Somani, announces stepping back from his public role amidst sexual misconduct allegations. 

Somani declared his intention to “temporarily reduce” his public presence within the company, citing recent allegations on Twitter. He vehemently denies the accusations, vowing to clear his name and defend himself against what he describes as false claims. 

Expressing the seriousness of the situation, Somani emphasized his commitment to addressing the allegations with due diligence. However, he insists that he has never engaged in any form of sexual assault or harassment. 

Eclipse, in response to the unfolding events, expressed its commitment to investigating the allegations thoroughly. Somani stated that the company’s senior leadership is well-prepared to manage responsibilities during this period. 

Despite requests for comment, both Somani and Eclipse remained silent on the matter. 

The controversy arises at a critical point for Eclipse, following its successful $50 million Series A funding round in March. Buoyed by this investment, the company has actively been developing its Ethereum layer 2 since its mainnet launch in September 2023. 

The future of Eclipse now hangs in the balance as it navigates through the fallout of these allegations against its CEO. 

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