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Top Crypto Partnerships in May Week 1

In the latest crypto updates, significant partnerships have appeared across various sectors. That includes AI, gaming, bridges, and RWA marketplaces, signaling ongoing innovation and expansion within the crypto community.

Crypto partnerships driving innovation and expansion
Source: Coinbackyard

Kima Network & E-Money Network

Kima Network, facilitating secure interchain transactions through native wallet accounts, joined forces with E-Money Network. This collaboration aims to enhance asset transfer between DeFi protocols and RWA platforms, offering lending, borrowing, and project launchpad services.

TeleportDAO & Leather BTC

TeleportDAO, a trustless bridge ensuring transaction security, teamed up with Leather BTC to enhance wallet experiences. Leather BTC, known for its hardware wallet support and transparency, prioritizes user experience and security. It facilitates seamless asset transfers across multiple blockchains, including TeleSwap.

Arcana Network & Polytrade

Arcana Network, a Modular Layer 1 blockchain simplifying DeFi transactions, partnered with Polytrade to enhance user experience. Polytrade’s RWA marketplace revolutionizes financial systems, shaping the future of finance while expanding Arcana’s product suite usage.

Laika AI & Nesa

Laika AI, a pioneering Web3 on-chain Superapp offering AI trading and analysis features, collaborated with Nesa to empower users’ data control and privacy when querying AI models. Utilizing sharding and privacy tech, Nesa ensures security and decentralization, simplifying interactions with on-chain AI agents.

Elfin Kingdom & Manta Network

Elfin Kingdom, an eSports and metaverse platform within the Bitcoin ecosystem, entered a partnership with Manta Network to enhance Web3 gaming. Integrating zero-knowledge (Zk) capabilities, Manta Network’s Layer 2 solution facilitates game scalability, contributing to the evolving landscape of crypto gaming.

These partnerships signify the ongoing growth and innovation within the crypto space; leveraging collaborative efforts to expand reach and drive advancements across various sectors.

May 8, 2024 at 09:00 am

Updated May 8, 2024 at 09:00 am

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