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Coachella and OpenSea Forge Ahead with NFTs for 2024 Festival

In a groundbreaking move, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has once again embraced the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Partnering with OpenSea, a leading NFT marketplace, this collaboration aims to redefine the festival experience. Introducing Coachella Keepsakes: a trilogy of NFT collections powered by the Avalanche blockchain network. Coachella’s second foray into the NFT realm seeks to provide attendees with exclusive festival perks and tangible merchandise. It merges the digital and physical worlds seamlessly.

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Coachella’s NFT Journey

Coachella‘s venture into NFTs began in 2022 with FTX, offering lifetime festival passes that faced setbacks due to FTX’s collapse. Undeterred by past challenges, Coachella has chosen OpenSea as a trusted partner for its renewed NFT initiative. The three distinct NFT collections are poised to revolutionize how fans interact with the festival, offering unique experiences beyond traditional event attendance.

Exclusive Benefits for NFT Holders

The Coachella Keepsakes NFT collections will be released in three phases, each offering a distinct set of privileges. The initial drop, the ‘VIP Pass + Oasis Lounge Keepsake,’ grants VIP access to Coachella 2024. It also includes exclusive entry to the tranquil ‘Oasis Lounge,’ featuring complimentary drinks and a shaded lounge area. This exclusive NFT, priced at $1,499, is available for minting until April 1, with only 1,000 assets up for grabs.

The subsequent drops include the ‘Canvas Welcome Box Keepsake,’ launching on March 25, offering varying levels of utility, unique merchandise, digital content, and access to the Rose Garden VIP area. The final drop in mid-April promises an artist collaboration, unveiling another layer of exclusive experiences for Coachella attendees.

Sam Schoonover, Coachella’s Innovation Lead, underlined the festival’s dedication to respecting the advantages of former NFT holders. He expressed optimism about NFTs with practical applications, citing positive feedback from the 2022 program despite challenges with FTX.

OpenSea’s Role and CEO’s Perspective

OpenSea, recognized as the fourth largest NFT marketplace, captures a 10% share of the sector with over 2 million collections and 80 million NFTs. The partnership with Coachella signifies a significant milestone for both entities, marking the convergence of digital ownership and physical experiences.

OpenSea’s CEO, Devin Finzer, views the collaboration as groundbreaking, setting new standards for the event and ticketing industry. The user-friendly onboarding process and email sign-up method introduced by OpenSea aim to appeal to a broader audience, simplifying the acquisition of Coachella NFTs.

Coachella Keepsakes: A Shift in Festival Experiences

The introduction of Coachella Keepsakes represents a monumental shift in the live event industry, fusing digital assets with tangible rewards. Sam Schoonover envisions a future where ownership extends beyond attendance, allowing fans to shape their Coachella experience based on the digital tokens in their possession.

The use of the Avalanche blockchain, a departure from the previous Solana blockchain, reflects Coachella’s commitment to ensuring the security and value of its NFTs. The blog encourages potential buyers to consider self-custodial wallets. It emphasizes the importance of safeguarding digital assets in the unpredictable web3 space.


Coachella and OpenSea are venturing into the NFT journey for the 2024 festival. They aim to redefine the festival experience by providing exclusive perks and tangible merchandise using innovative blockchain technology. The Coachella Keepsakes collections, supported by the Avalanche blockchain, mark a new chapter in live events. Here, digital and physical realms seamlessly intertwine.

March 6, 2024 at 9:00 pm

Updated March 6, 2024 at 9:00 pm


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Coachella Keepsakes is a trilogy of NFT collections for the 2024 festival, powered by the Avalanche blockchain. These NFTs offer exclusive perks, tangible merchandise, and unique experiences beyond traditional event attendance.

The initial drop, 'VIP Pass + Oasis Lounge Keepsake,' priced at $1,499, grants VIP access to Coachella 2024 and exclusive entry to the tranquil 'Oasis Lounge.' Only 1,000 assets are available for minting until April 1.

OpenSea, the fourth-largest NFT marketplace, is Coachella's trusted partner. The collaboration marks a significant milestone, converging digital ownership and physical experiences. OpenSea's user-friendly onboarding process aims to simplify the acquisition of Coachella NFTs.

Coachella's commitment to security and value led to the shift from the Solana blockchain to Avalanche. The blog recommends self-custodial wallets to safeguard digital assets in the unpredictable web3 space.

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