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Advancing Security: Data NFT Platform Introduces XP System

In the world of Web3, getting people involved and building communities can be tough. Bad actors and not enough people taking part make it hard to trust and feel secure, especially in areas beyond decentralized finance (DeFi). Projects dealing with nonfungible tokens (NFTs) also face challenges in getting people interested, indicating the necessity for finding better ways to engage individuals.

Data NFT Platform XP System - Engage and Earn
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Key Takeaways

  • Advancing Security: The introduction of the XP system by the Data NFT Platform tackles engagement challenges in Web3. It nurtures trust and security by incentivizing user participation and combatting bad actors, especially in areas beyond DeFi.
  • Blockchain-Agnostic Innovation: The Itheum Protocol’s Data NFTs and BiTz XP system revolutionize data ownership and exchange by operating across various blockchains, enhancing security and transparency in the digital ecosystem.
  • Inclusive Engagement: Through leaderboards and rewards, Itheum fosters community building and inclusivity. It values user contributions and interaction to create a secure and inclusive environment for data exchange in the digital age.

One idea that seems promising is using experience point (XP) systems. These systems can help get users more involved across Web3. But to really work well, XP systems need to work on any blockchain, not just one. That’s where the Itheum Protocol comes in. They introduced Data NFTs and a special XP system called BiTz that isn’t linked to any specific blockchain. This could change how we handle data ownership and exchange, making it more secure and transparent across different blockchains.

The Itheum Protocol’s Approach

The Itheum Protocol uses blockchain tech to let people own and trade data with Data NFTs, aiming to make data management safer and more transparent. They’ve also got the BiTz XP system, which helps get users involved and separates real users from bots or bad guys. This BiTz system works with different blockchains, so anyone can join in and make their data into Data NFTs.

With the BiTz XP system, users receive rewards for participating, and earning BiTz based on their activities within the Itheum Protocol. Leaderboards add some fun by letting users compete and get perks like airdropped Data NFTs, boosts on monthly rewards, and more cool stuff in the future.

To get started, users can grab BiTz-compatible Data NFTs through airdrops or buy them on NFT marketplaces. Then, every 6 hours, they can play the “Get BiTz” game by offering up a meme to the BiTz Generator God for a chance to win BiTz. Plus, users earn BiTz points by checking out Data NFTs, using Data Uptime Checks, and sharing their thoughts through the suggestion form.

Key Features of the Data NFT Platform XP System

  • Enhanced User Engagement: The BiTz XP system incentivizes active participation, rewarding users based on their accumulation of BiTz, the smallest data XP unit within the Itheum Protocol.
  • Community Building: Leaderboards foster competition and community among users, offering benefits like airdropped Data NFTs, boosts on monthly rewards, and future perks.
  • Blockchain Agnosticism: Integrated with Itheum’s omni-chain features, the BiTz system invites users from various blockchains to participate and mint their data as Data NFTs.
  • Inclusivity: Users can acquire BiTz-compatible Data NFTs through airdrops or purchases on NFT marketplaces, ensuring accessibility to a wide range of participants.
  • Engagement Mechanics: Users engage in the “Get BiTz” game every 6 hours, burning a meme as an offering to the BiTz Generator God for a chance to win BiTz. Additionally, users earn BiTz points by exploring Data NFTs, utilizing Data Uptime Checks, and contributing insights through the suggestion form.

Building a Secure, Inclusive Environment

Itheum’s goal is to tackle data ownership issues and create a safe, inclusive space for sharing data in the digital world. Their leaderboard system and rewards show how much they value users and their input. This highlights Itheum’s dedication to giving users more control over their data in today’s digital age.

April 10, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Updated April 10, 2024 at 5:00 pm


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The XP system is a revolutionary feature designed to increase user engagement and participation within the Data NFT Platform by rewarding activities with experience points (XP). It’s a significant step towards enhancing security and trust in the Web3 ecosystem.

Users earn XP by participating in various activities on the platform, such as playing the "Get BiTz" game, exploring Data NFTs, and contributing insights. Points can lead to rewards like airdropped Data NFTs and boosts in monthly rewards.

The XP system encourages active community participation, offering rewards that include airdropped Data NFTs, monthly reward boosts, and future perks. It promotes a more inclusive and secure environment for data exchange in the digital age.

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