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McDonald’s Metaverse: Exclusive Perks for Grimace NFT Owners

Fast food giant McDonald’s has ventured into the metaverse, introducing a new digital world for customers in Singapore. The new experience, called “My Happy Place,” offers a unique and engaging digital environment, especially for Grimace NFT holders.

A vibrant digital world with colorful avatars enjoying various activities in McDonald's metaverse, "My Happy Place," showcasing exclusive perks for Grimace NFT owners.
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What is “My Happy Place”?

“My Happy Place” is McDonald’s Singapore’s new metaverse world. It is accessible through the
official McDonald’s app, created in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs. This 3D online space
offers various activities for users, enhancing their connection with the McDonald’s brand in
innovative ways.

Features of My Happy Place

  1. Games and Activities: Users can enjoy games like Build-A-Burger.
  2. Design Challenges: Envision and design future McDonald’s restaurant layouts.
  3. Daily Competitions: Participate and win real-life food deals hrough the Wheel of Deals.

Exclusive Perks for Grimace NFT Owners

In 2023, McDonald’s Singapore launched a series of Grimace NFTs in collaboration with Bandwagon Labs. These NFTs are now integral to the “My Happy Place” experience, offering exclusive benefits to their holders.

Special Features for NFT Holders

  • Exclusive Wearable Items: Access unique items to dress avatars.
  • Secret Island: Explore a hidden island within the digital world.
  • Restaurant of the Future: Display Grimace portraits in a custom-designed restaurant.

Bandwagon’s BW.LAND Technology

“My Happy Place” operates on Bandwagon’s BW.LAND technology, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. This platform is independent of other metaverse platforms or games, providing a unique environment tailored for McDonald’s fans.

Drina Chee, Senior Director of Marketing & Digital Customer Experience at McDonald’s, expressed excitement about this new venture

Grimace NFTs: A Background

The Grimace NFTs were introduced in 2023, featuring the iconic purple character. Each NFT has a unique design and was offered for free via the local McDonald’s app. These NFTs are “soulbound,” meaning they cannot be traded after their initial minting. They were created on the Ethereum scaling network Polygon.

Other Metaverse Ventures

McDonald’s is not new to the metaverse. McDonald’s Hong Kong came out with “McNuggets Land,” a year ago. It’s a limited-time experience in the Ethereum-based game, The Sandbox. This initiative also included NFTs and token rewards for participants.

A New Digital Frontier

McDonald’s entry into the metaverse marks a significant step in merging digital and physical experiences. “My Happy Place” offers a novel way for customers to interact with the brand, providing fun activities and real-world rewards. For Grimace NFT holders, the experience is even more enriched with exclusive perks and features.

By leveraging advanced technologies and creative digital experiences, McDonald’s continues to innovate and stay relevant in an ever-evolving market. This move reflects a broader trend of companies exploring the potential of the metaverse to engage customers in new and exciting ways.

“My Happy Place” represents a fusion of technology and creativity, making McDonald’s a pioneer in the fast-food industry’s digital transformation. This new metaverse world not only entertains but also rewards its customers, setting a new standard for digital engagement.

June 9, 2024 at 10:00 pm

Updated June 9, 2024 at 10:00 pm


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Users can enjoy games like Build-A-Burger, participate in design challenges to envision future McDonald's restaurant layouts, and join daily competitions to win real-life food deals through the Wheel of Deals.

Grimace NFT owners can access exclusive wearable items for their avatars, explore a secret island within the digital world, and display Grimace portraits in a custom-designed restaurant of the future.

"My Happy Place" operates on Bandwagon's BW.LAND technology, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience tailored specifically for McDonald's fans.

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