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NFT Market Resilience: V3V Ventures’ Metaverse.sg Acquisition

In a strategic move indicative of rising confidence in the digital asset and NFT market, Singapore-based V3V Ventures recently acquired the well-known crypto news outlet Metaverse.sg for a notable $3 million. This acquisition underlines Metaverse.sg’s substantial contribution to the crypto space and reflects V3V Ventures’ bullish stance on the future of the metaverse and digital assets.

V3V Ventures Metaverse.sg Acquisition Signifying NFT Market Growth
Source: Coinbackyard

Metaverse.sg’s Unique Position

Metaverse.sg has earned a distinct position in the market by offering a user-friendly dashboard. It not only categorizes NFT projects but also provides insights from industry experts and highlights the latest news. Additionally, it offers comprehensive research on the evolving market. The platform’s global ownership of the “Metaverse” trademark adds strategic value to the acquisition. It positions it as an investment not just in the present but in the future of digital assets.

Resilience of the NFT Market

Despite a challenging 2023, marked by a 62% reduction in trading volume and nearly $1 billion in losses, the NFT market displayed resilience, as highlighted by research from NFT18. The study notes a mere 10% decrease in active wallets, signaling a robust undercurrent of recovery within the market. This resilience bodes well for investors and platforms like Metaverse.sg, which continue to innovate and give useful services to the cryptocurrency community.

Market Correction and Revival

The latter part of 2023 witnessed a “market correction” phase for NFT trading, influenced by negative media perceptions, including Rolling Stone’s premature declaration that “NFTs are dead.” However, the market began showing promising signs of revival in the final quarter. Innovations such as the adoption of sidechains and the diversification of projects across multiple blockchain networks played a pivotal role in this recovery. They enabled NFT projects to leverage the unique benefits of each blockchain.

Global Interest in NFTs and Blockchain

The global interest shift towards NFTs and blockchain technology is particularly pronounced in Asia, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Noteworthy investments, like the $100 million boost to Asia’s blockchain gaming sector, and hosting prestigious Web3 events like the FinTech Festival Asia, have fueled this pivot.

Metaverse.sg’s Strong Presence

Metaverse.sg’s impact extends to platforms like Debank, a crypto-centric social platform similar to Twitter. Its profile showcases over 30,000 followers and a confirmed reach of half a billion dollars. This underscores Metaverse.sg’s standing as a major influencer and trusted source of information in the crypto world.

V3V Ventures’ Acquisition Strategy

V3V Ventures‘ $3 million acquisition of Metaverse.sg is not merely a financial investment in its current operations. It’s a strategic commitment to future growth, especially in the Asian market. Retaining the existing team ensures continuity of expertise and ongoing development of high-quality news, research, and data services.

CEO’s Enthusiasm for Future Growth

Mr. Buzz, CEO of Metaverse.sg, expresses enthusiasm for the platform’s future, emphasizing that the acquisition will strengthen its position and enable further expansion into new areas of the digital asset landscape. This reaffirms Metaverse.sg’s commitment to delivering valuable insights and fostering the growth of the digital asset community.


In conclusion, V3V Ventures’ acquisition of Metaverse.sg reflects a strategic investment in a prominent crypto news outlet. It also represents a broader endorsement of the resilience and potential growth in the NFT market. As the industry navigates challenges and embraces innovation, platforms like Metaverse.sg are well-positioned to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the digital asset and metaverse landscape.

February 24, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Updated February 24, 2024 at 5:00 pm


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It signifies confidence and growth potential in the NFT market, highlighting Metaverse.sg's value in promoting digital asset awareness and fostering innovation.

Despite trading volume reductions, the NFT market maintained active wallet engagement and began showing signs of revival with innovations in blockchain technology.

Asia, along with the Middle East and Southeast Asia, has seen a significant shift towards NFT and blockchain, with substantial investments and hosting major Web3 events.

With the acquisition, Metaverse.sg is set to expand its digital asset coverage, leveraging V3V Ventures' commitment to innovation and growth in the Asian market.

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