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SuperRare Expands into Bitcoin Ordinals Artwork

In a bold move that marks a significant milestone in the world of non-fungible tokens
(NFTs), SuperRare, a leading Ethereum-based NFT marketplace, has embarked on a
groundbreaking journey into the realm of Bitcoin Ordinals. This strategic expansion not
only signifies SuperRare’s commitment to innovation. It also heralds a new era of
possibility and growth in the burgeoning NFT landscape.

SuperRare Bitcoin Ordinals Artwork Collection
Source: Coinbackyard

SuperRare’s Strategic Partnership with Bitcoin Ordinals:

SuperRare’s foray into Bitcoin Ordinals is made possible through a strategic partnership with the Ordinals marketplace Gamma. By collaborating with Gamma, SuperRare aims to leverage the unique features and capabilities of the Bitcoin blockchain. This is to enhance the creation, distribution, and ownership of digital artworks. This partnership underscores SuperRare’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of NFT technology and exploring new avenues for artistic expression.

The “No Brainers” Collection by Killer Acid:

To commemorate its entrance into the world of Bitcoin Ordinals, SuperRare will launch a groundbreaking collection titled “No Brainers.” Renowned artist Rob Corradetti, also known as Killer Acid, curates this collection, promising to deliver a mesmerizing array of psychedelic-themed artworks, each featuring exclusive 1-of-1 inscriptions. With its distinctive aesthetic and limited-edition offerings, “No Brainers” aims to captivate art enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Impact on Market Dynamics:

The introduction of Ordinals trading on the Bitcoin blockchain has significant implications for the NFT market landscape. While Ethereum has long been regarded as the primary network for NFT trading, the emergence of Bitcoin Ordinals is reshaping this narrative. As Ordinals gain traction, Bitcoin is rapidly emerging as a formidable contender in the NFT space. This challenge to Ethereum’s dominance is diversifying market dynamics.

Strategic Positioning and Market Growth:

SuperRare’s expansion into Bitcoin Ordinals comes at a pivotal moment in the evolution of the NFT ecosystem. By embracing cross-chain compatibility and strategic partnerships, SuperRare is strategically positioning itself. It aims to capitalize on emerging market trends and solidify its position as a frontrunner in the NFT space. This forward-thinking approach reflects SuperRare’s commitment to innovation. It also reflects its dedication to providing artists and collectors with unparalleled opportunities for creativity and growth.

The Future of NFTs:

As SuperRare pioneers the integration of Bitcoin Ordinals into its platform, the future of NFTs appears brighter than ever. With blockchain technology continuing to push the boundaries of artistic expression and ownership, we can expect further innovation and growth in the NFT sector. SuperRare’s expansion into Bitcoin Ordinals serves as a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology. It can revolutionize the way we create, collect, and experience digital art.


SuperRare’s venture into Bitcoin Ordinals artwork marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of the NFT landscape. By embracing cross-chain compatibility and forging strategic partnerships, SuperRare is poised to shape the future of digital art. It aims to redefine the way we create, collect, and experience NFTs. As the boundaries between blockchains blur and innovation continues to flourish, the possibilities for artistic expression and ownership are limitless. This ushers in a new era of creativity and opportunity in the world of NFTs.

March 16, 2024 at 9:00 pm

Updated March 16, 2024 at 9:00 pm


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To create a unique NFT, you mint it by uploading a digital file to a blockchain platform.

NFTs can be a good investment for collectors, but research and understanding risks are essential.

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