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Verse Voyager NFT from Bitcoin.com Sells Out

Bitcoin.com Verse community has come to an important milestone: the Verse Voyager NFT collection has completely sold out. This event shows the growing interest in decentralized finance and portraits Bitcoin.com’s dedication to innovation and community engagement.

Verse Voyager NFT collection sold out, showcasing Bitcoin.com's dedication to innovation and community engagement.
Source: https://grafa.com/news/bitcoin-com-reveals-verse-voyager-nft-launch-and-airdrop-209126?utm_source=reddit&medium=social&campaign=209126

Bitcoin.com CEO Corbin Fraser expressed his delight at this achievement. “In a market flooded with speculative meme coins, the success of our first NFT collection stands out,” Fraser said. “It highlights the dedication and understanding of our community.” 

What’s the Verse Voyager NFT Collection? 

The Verse Voyager collection features 10,000 unique NFTs, representing distinct travelers within the Bitcoin.com Verse ecosystem. These NFTs were created in collaboration with Evan Luza, co-founder of Cool Cats, a prominent NFT collection with nearly $500 million in lifetime trading volume. Alex Solis, the creator of the Genzee NFT collection, is the head artist behind the Verse Voyagers. 

Owning a Verse Voyager NFT provides various benefits within the Bitcoin.com Verse ecosystem, enhancing user engagement and experience. A unique feature of these NFTs is the ability for holders to re-spin traits using the Verse Voyagers dApp. This personalization option allows each NFT owner to make their Voyager uniquely their own, even if purchased on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. 

The Verse Voyager NFTs are on the Polygon network, ensuring that trading and modifying traits are both cost-effective and fast. 

Next Steps 

Although the initial minting phase is over, interested buyers can still acquire Verse Voyager NFTs on secondary markets such as OpenSea and other reputable NFT trading platforms. This ensures new members can join the community and participate in the evolving Verse universe. 

Purchase Verse Voyager on Secondary Markets 

  1. Visit OpenSea or other NFT trading platforms: Search for “Verse Voyager NFT” to view available listings. 
  2. Connect your digital wallet: Ensure it has sufficient funds and is compatible with the marketplace. 
  3. Complete the transaction: Follow the platform’s steps to purchase and secure your Verse Voyager NFT. 

The sell-out of the Verse Voyager NFT collection is an important achievement for Bitcoin.com. It demonstrates the platform’s ability to attract and maintain a committed community of users. The success of this collection is a testament to the thoughtful design and collaboration involved in its creation. 

With ongoing availability on secondary markets, the Verse Voyager collection continues to invite new enthusiasts. These new members can benefit from the unique features and engagement opportunities offered by Bitcoin.com Verse. As the community grows, the Verse universe is poised for further development and innovation.

June 11, 2024 at 4:00 pm

Updated June 11, 2024 at 4:00 pm


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