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Arkham: What Does the Future Hold for Crypto Intelligence?

One area of the sector, known as crypto intelligence, tries to increase insight and transparency in a field that is based on user privacy and anonymity.  

Companies that provide crypto intelligence goods, such as market research services, specialist advice, and blockchain analysis tools, set out to acquire analysis and insight on cryptocurrencies, the blockchain technology that underpins them, and the consumers that embrace them.  

The ultimate goal of crypto intelligence is straightforward: to make data and insight visible to every crypto user so they can make informed decisions. This information and the conclusions made from it may aid in the detection of new projects, the reduction of adoption barriers, and the improvement of commerce.

Despite all the apparent benefits that crypto intelligence offers, there must be a careful balance between offering analysis and preserving anonymity.  

Arkham Intelligence, a firm situated in Texas, is one organization driving innovation in crypto intelligence.The first on-chain intelligence market, where users may buy and sell intelligence connected to certain crypto wallet addresses, was introduced in July 2023, helping the company expand.

September 11, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Updated September 11, 2023 at 1:00 pm

Integration of Arkham with important crypto projects

Arkham’s vision is for a crypto intelligence platform that provides total coverage of the blockchain, serves multiple use cases, and is affordable for users.

Arkham has established significant strategic alliances with well-known companies in the industry to expand its reach throughout the Ethereum blockchain and beyond in order to aid in the realization of this ambition.  

Theoretically, greater coverage ought to result in more data, more thorough analysis, and better results for all users. Several of Arkham’s current strategic alliances include:


In order to support scalability, Coinbase’s layer 2 solution Base, which sits on top of the primary Ethereum network, was introduced to Arkham Intelligence’s product line in early 2023. Users of Base now have access to on-chain analysis to aid in decision-making because to Arkham’s service. The Base ecosystem now includes more than 100 decentralized apps (DApps) and service providers.

BNB Chain

The integration of BNB Chain with Arkham Intelligence, a distributed blockchain network for developing Web3 DApps, was announced in February 2023. With this change, a significant chunk of the smart-contract market is now covered by Arkham’s product offering, enabling customers to follow entity transactions, keep an eye on asset flow across chains, and analyze aggregate analysis.


Users may follow, monitor, and identify wallets and other things in the Polygon ecosystem and Ethereum-based worlds because to Arkham’s access to data on the Polygon network. Disney, a major player in the entertainment industry, is supported in its NFT efforts by Polygon, which has also teamed up with Starbucks to promote its blockchain initiatives. Users now have a new possibility to examine behaviors across a variety of Web3 applications thanks to Arkham’s Polygon partnership.

Arkham and the growth of crypto analytics

The sister of crypto intelligence is crypto analytics. Analytics has a greater focus on capturing the massive swathes of data generated by crypto operations and turning it into something valuable, whereas crypto intelligence looks generally at quantitative and qualitative variables. Given how unpredictable the market is, many market participants may find value in any tools that give users insight, monitoring, and analysis for managing uncertainty.

About Arkham Intel Exchange

Crypto analytics and Arkham’s product line gain a new dimension thanks to Intel Exchange from Arkham. The marketplace links those looking to purchase and sell cryptointelligence, allowing buyers to establish informational bounties and sellers, including crypto sleuths, to hold auctions for their intelligence. Arkham’s native currency, ARKM, which users may swap for data like entity labeling, hacker tracking, and curated data feeds, powers the exchange.

Euler hacker’s gradual return of funds

According to Coin Desk, Arkham Intelligence was able to monitor the gradual repatriation of almost $200 million that had been taken by a hacker from the loan platform Euler Finance in April 2023. The analytics revealed that the exploit had been used to steal dai (DAI), wrapped Bitcoin (wBTC), staked ether (sETH), and USD coin (USDC). As Euler and the hacker haggled over a solution, Arkham’s analysis was used to track the return of the monies in batches.

Concerns over Arkham’s technology

Crypto media has expressed doubts and worries about the possibility of Arkham’s platform being misused. Many of these worries are focused on the potential for doxing and smear operations using the organization’s intelligence marketplace.  


The referral URLs that users can use to welcome people to the exchange have come under scrutiny in the meanwhile. Even though each URL seems to be made up of a random collection of letters and numbers, the user’s email address may simply be extracted from each.

Additionally, Arkham Intelligence came under fire in April 2023 following allegations that an alert the business unintentionally sent led the price of BTC to fall by 7% in just one hour. Users of Arkham’s platform were purportedly informed that wallets connected to Mt. Gox and the U.S. Government had started moving significant amounts of Bitcoin. Later, Arkham used X and then Twitter to disclose its own statistics, demonstrating that the warnings hadn’t actually been sent accidentally.  

A significant difficulty facing some sectors of the market and players like Arkham Intelligence is how to maintain transparency while also maintaining users’ privacy.

The final word

By giving all users visibility into wallet movements and peer activity, crypto intelligence in its different forms contributes to the industry’s increased transparency.  


As critics discuss the delicate balance between transparency and privacy, Arkham’s crypto intelligence platform and goals to deanonymize blockchain have come under scrutiny given the significance of privacy to the crypto industry.

These discussions will go on, but as Arkham approaches 100,000 users, crypto intelligence may emerge into yet another resource that helps traders, developers, exchanges, and all other market participants make more informed choices.



Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies involves risks, and it’s important to conduct thorough research and seek professional advice before making any financial decisions.


(Please keep in mind that this post is solely for informative purposes and should not be construed as financial or investment advice.)

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