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Platfair: A Revolution in the NFT World Bridging Education, Affiliates, and Innovation

The current NFT landscape is brimming with opportunities. In this setting, Platfair emerges as a beacon of innovation. The company doesn’t just offer a sturdy NFT platform but raises the bar with its educational outlook and an enviable affiliate program.

September 11, 2023 at 2:09 am

Updated September 11, 2023 at 2:09 pm


More Than Just NFTs: Platfair’s Educational Journey

Platfair doesn’t see NFTs merely as collectable digital assets. Instead, each NFT serves as an “educational key”, unlocking a realm of learning and prospects. Further strengthening its market position, the company introduces the SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) platform.


A Cultural Dive with the 12 Tribes

Platfair’s diversity stands out. Featuring 12 distinct NFT tribes – Adventure, Ambition, Creativity, Curiosity, Diversity, Empathy, Innovation, Prosperity, Resilience, Serenity, Sustainability, and Wisdom, each boasting unique aesthetics and narratives, the platform goes beyond the usual. Each tribe acts as a gateway to various knowledge sectors and learning, fostering engaged communities globally.


Affiliate Program: Eye-catching Benefits

Platfair’s Premium NFTs are the go-to for those seeking an enriching experience. Owners get up to 20 airdrops over the next five years and access to an exclusive members-only educational area, always staying a step ahead. For an even richer experience, the Premium NFTs come with a minimum of 12 airdrops, going up to 20 in five years. An educational member zone is also included, ensuring NFT holders are always updated on the latest in the NFT and crypto world. Premium NFT owners can build a broad network of up to 10 generations of PlatFellows. Plus, these holders receive a 2% bonus from the second generation of affiliates and 1% from the third to the tenth generation.


For Standard NFT buyers, the process mirrors the Premium but on a scaled-down scope. Just like with Premium, a Standard NFT purchase comes with an exclusive link. By choosing Platfair’s Standard NFTs, buyers not only acquire a unique digital asset but also get a minimum of 6 airdrops and a maximum of 11 over the next five years. The package isn’t limited to collectibles but also provides an educational member area to enhance knowledge on cryptos and NFTs. Additionally, Standard NFT holders earn a 10% bonus from the first generation of affiliates and 2% from the second.


Special Offers for the First 1000 NFTs

Early adopters, Platfair offers exclusive terms for the initial 1000 NFTs. All the enticing details of this can’t-miss offer can be found directly on the company’s portal.


An Unparalleled Airdrop Program

Over the next five years, Platfair is set to carry out airdrops with up to 20 renowned crypto companies. A unique chance to diversify user asset portfolios further.


Web3 and Tokenization Consulting by Top Market Experts

Platfair also provides web3 and tokenization consulting. They mean business – the consultants are seasoned professionals with a decade’s experience in the crypto market.


Platfair Consulting: Elite Digital Education

In a rapidly evolving world, especially regarding cryptocurrencies and technology, continuous learning is essential. Platfair deeply understands this and reiterates its core commitment to knowledge promotion.

One of Platfair’s crown jewels is its Newsletter & Video Education. It’s not just an educational service but a direct route to knowledge from individuals affiliated with the world’s most prestigious educational institutions.

Platform users have access to content from individuals linked to institutions like Stanford University, Oxford, University of Beijing, Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, Silicon Valley, Harvard, and MIT. These are the institutions that have shaped brilliant minds and leaders over the years, and Platfair brings this educational excellence straight to its users.


Topics vary but are always detailed in structured video lessons. This enables users to not only assimilate knowledge but do so in an organized, sequential manner, optimizing learning.

For those aiming to stand out in the market, keep abreast of the latest trends, or simply enhance their cultural and professional repertoire, Platfair’s consultancy is invaluable. In a digital world, top-notch education, previously limited to elite university walls, is now accessible to all, thanks to Platfair’s vision and dedication.


Platfair isn’t just another platform in the vast NFT sea. The company is here to reshape the market with its educational vision, sturdy affiliate program, and various other offerings.

If you haven’t dived into this world yet, now’s the time.


“We want to use NFTs for their intended purpose as a key to access the platform, without speculation and inflating bubbles, we intend to captivate people from all over the world with game mechanics to develop their skills and competencies. The world is changing and the training system must be relevant, innovative and accessible,” says head of development Evgenii Lebedev, Head Of Expansion.


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