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‘Troll’ post on Crypto X: Gary Gensler’s Resignation

Gary Gensler’s recent post on X caused quite a buzz among Crypto X users. At first, it seemed like the chair of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was saying farewell, leaving many surprised. But wait, it was just a well-played trick!

Gary Gensler at a crypto conference, related to his troll post on Crypto X.
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Key Takeaways

  1. Gensler’s Sneaky Announcement: Gary Gensler’s recent post on X created a stir among Crypto X users.
  2. The Intriguing Twist: Despite sounding like a farewell message, Gensler’s post expressed gratitude for his time at the SEC, highlighting accomplishments and ending with the cryptic statement, “And we’re not done,” sparking curiosity and speculation among readers.
  3. Mixed Reactions and Speculation: Gensler’s post gained over 1.1 million views, with some praising it as a “legendary troll thread.”
  4. Controversial Crypto Regulation: Gensler’s tenure saw a surge in crypto-related enforcement actions, drawing criticism for a perceived “regulation by enforcement” strategy.
  5. Community Backlash: The crypto community on X responded critically to Gensler’s post, with engagement disparities indicating dissatisfaction and skepticism towards his statements.
  6. Uncertainty Amid Political Shifts: Appointed in 2021 by President Joe Biden, Gensler’s tenure at the SEC is expected to last until 2026.
  7. Future Prospects: As Americans prepare to cast their votes, uncertainty looms over Gensler’s future at the SEC.

In his post dated April 17, Gensler expressed gratitude for his time as SEC Chair. He mentioned the hard work of SEC staff and highlighted the enforcement actions and rules finalized during his tenure. It sounded like a goodbye, but then came the twist: “And we’re not done,” he declared. Of course, this left readers with a sense of intrigue.

The post quickly gained traction, gaining over 1.1 million views. Crypto trader Jordan Fish praised it as a “legendary and respectable troll thread.”

Some critics pointed out the number of enforcement actions, suggesting a lack of focus on more important aspects. Under Gensler’s leadership, the SEC witnessed a surge in crypto-related enforcement actions, reaching a 10-year high.

However, this aggressive attitude has drawn criticism from industry executives and lawmakers. They accuse Gensler of pursuing a “regulation by enforcement” approach. Gensler’s opinion on crypto regulation has been clear. He sees it as rife with fraud and manipulation and advocates for companies to comply with regulations. Yet, his methods have sparked controversy within the crypto community, leading to heated debates and criticism.

How Did the Crypto Community React?

In response to Gensler’s post, the crypto community on X didn’t hold back. Unofficial Crypto Twitter archivist “inversebrah” noted the engagement difference, indicating that replies to Gensler’s post gained more attention than the original post itself. This phenomenon, known as “ratioing,” highlighted the community’s dissatisfaction and skepticism towards Gensler’s statements.

Gensler’s appointment as SEC chair came in 2021, nominated by President Joe Biden. His tenure is expected to last until April 17, 2026, but with the upcoming presidential elections, speculation arises about potential leadership changes.

As Americans gear up to cast their votes, uncertainty looms over Gensler’s future at the SEC. Will he continue his aggressive stance on crypto regulation, or will a new administration bring about a shift in approach? Only time will tell.

April 22, 2024 at 9:00 am

Updated April 22, 2024 at 9:00 am


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Gary Gensler posted on Crypto X mimicking a resignation from the SEC, which turned out to be a troll, sparking significant attention and discussion among the crypto community.

The post received over 1.1 million views and mixed reactions, ranging from amusement over the troll to criticism of Gensler’s regulatory approach towards cryptocurrency.

Despite the playful nature of the post, it highlighted ongoing controversies and discussions regarding the SEC's "regulation by enforcement" strategy under Gensler's tenure, signaling potential persistent scrutiny in the crypto space.

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