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Meme Coin Leaks: From Caitlyn Jenner to Rich the Kid

A teenage business prodigy from India, Sahil Arora, has been named as the brain behind several celebrity meme coin leaks. Allegations against him include scams involving Caitlyn Jenner, Rich the Kid and Iggy Azalea. Arora’s activities have left many investors disgruntled and questioning his legitimacy.

Background on Sahil Arora

Arora, hailing from Gurgaon, India, dropped out of Pathways School and quickly entered the tech scene. He launched several projects, including a taxi app, an advertising platform, an iris scanner, and Bitcoin ATMs under the Vuzelaa Group. However, none of these projects are operational today.

Image showing Sahil Arora, a teenage business prodigy from India, with a background featuring various cryptocurrencies and icons of celebrities like Caitlyn Jenner and Rich the Kid.
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Allegations of Fraud

  • Impersonation Accusation
    • Vijay Shekhar, founder of Paytm, accused Sahil Arora of impersonation in 2017.
    • Arora allegedly used Paytm’s name to raise funds.
  • ZelaaPayAE Project
    • Arora claimed ZelaaPayAE had an exclusive partnership with VISA.
    • The project has been associated with multiple scams.
  • Non-Payment and Deceptive Practices
    • Designer
      • Reported non-payment for a design-related order.
      • Received payment only after threatening to report Arora.
    • Telegram Admin #1
      • Claimed to be owed $2,000.
      • Had to constantly remind Arora of payments.
    • Telegram Admin #2
      • Took out a loan on behalf of Arora and was never repaid.

The Celebrity Price List

A document obtained lists several celebrities and their alleged endorsement prices:

Justin Bieber$315,000
The WeekndSubject to content
Tom HollandTBD
Kim Kardashian$315,000
Jamie Foxx$65,000
Snoop Dog$125,000
Floyd Mayweather$15,000
Lindsay Lohan$10,000
Soulja Boy$7,000
Caitlyn Jenner$15,000
Rich The Kid$25,000

The list also includes 41 adult film stars, with prices for tweets, follows, and social media stories ranging from $500 to $9,900.

Recent Scams and Controversies

In a recent token presale for a project associated with Iggy Azalea, Arora raised over $300,000. The JENNER token reached a $40 million market capitalization, fueled by social media interest. However, accusations of deep fakes and double-dealing surfaced, casting doubt on the project’s legitimacy.

A Telegram channel for a RICH token launch in March details a three-day presale conducted by Arora. One investor claimed Arora removed liquidity within five minutes of launching the coin, an act often referred to as a “rug pull.”

Arora’s Denial and Defense

Arora denies being a scammer, stating that many people have profited from his tokens. He claims that the allegations against him come from disgruntled investors who lost money trading. One of his alt accounts retweeted claims that the celebrities accusing him are still working with him to generate media interest.

Mystery of Celebrity Connections

How Arora gained access to so many celebrities remains unclear. He has been linked to Lindsay Lohan through her husband, Bader Shammas, who was listed as the chief growth officer at Arora’s now-defunct ZelaaPayAE project. However, there are allegations that Arora falsely listed people as advisors on his ZelaaCoin project.

The Aftermath

Many sources and former associates of Arora have requested anonymity, fearing that their association with him could tarnish their reputations. Alleged victims have claimed they were charmed by Arora’s friendly behavior and his flaunting of a celebrity network, leading them to invest in his projects. Despite numerous allegations, Arora continues to operate in the crypto space.

Sahil Arora’s story is a complex mix of allegations, denials, and ongoing investigations. His purported connections with celebrities and the trail of disgruntled investors paint a murky picture. As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen whether Arora will face any serious consequences or continue his controversial activities in the crypto world.

May 30, 2024 at 04:00 pm

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Sahil Arora is a teenage business prodigy from Gurgaon, India, known for his involvement in various tech projects and recently accused of orchestrating several celebrity meme coin scams.

Celebrities involved include Caitlyn Jenner, Rich the Kid, Iggy Azalea, and others who were allegedly used to endorse meme coins without proper consent or transparency.

Sahil Arora denies being a scammer, stating that many people have profited from his tokens. He claims the allegations are from disgruntled investors who lost money trading.

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