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Aperture Finance: Changing DeFi with Intent-based Architecture

Aperture Finance, a DeFi platform, is changing the industry with its Intent-based Architecture. Recently securing $12 million in Series A funding, Aperture is valued at $250 million. Key investors include Skyland Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, and others like Alchemy and Tide.

The platform introduces Intents, allowing users to specify desired outcomes, simplifying DeFi interactions. With plans to integrate a Large Language Model interface and democratize access to complex financial instruments, Aperture aims to bridge the gap between DeFi complexity and user accessibility.

Aperture Finance's Intent-based Architecture diagram
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Funding Details
Round LeadersSkyland Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Krypital Group
Notable InvestorsAlchemy, SNZ, Stratified Capital, Tide, Cipholio, ViaBTC, and others

Intent-based Architecture

  • Introducing Intents, simplifying DeFi interactions by letting users specify desired outcomes.
  • Users can declare goals, like liquidity rebalancing, with transactions executed upon meeting conditions.
  • Live on 9 EVM-compatible chains, processing $2.7 billion transactions, with 280,000+ unique users and 15k+ daily active users.

Yonkuro, Head of Crypto at Skyland Ventures, commented: “Aperture bridges the gap between DeFi complexity and user accessibility.”

Solver Network

  • A decentralized network calculates optimal transaction flows.
  • Smart contracts simulate and rank transactions.
  • Partnerships with third-party solvers like Propeller Heads and Enso Finance, with more joining soon.

Future Developments

  • Plans to integrate a Large Language Model (LLM) interface, converting user intents into on-chain code.
  • Aims to democratize access to complex financial instruments.

Peter Tan, Head of Product at Aperture Finance, stated: “Our goal is to make DeFi more inclusive and effective.”

Future Plans

  • Funds to develop Intents infrastructure and expand solver network.
  • Enhance user experience with LLM integration.

$APTR Token Launch

  • Following a successful airdrop campaign, the $APTR token launches on Bybit on May 31, 2024.

About Aperture Finance

  • Pioneer in AI-powered intents for DeFi.
  • Features IntentsGPT interface and AI-driven smart solver simulation.
  • The founding team includes tech and finance experts from Amazon Web Services, Google, and top universities.
  • Cohort member of Most Valuable Builder V by Binance Labs.
  • Participated in CoinMarketCap (CMC) Accelerator and HK Cyberport Incubation Programs.

In summary, Aperture Finance’s innovative approach to DeFi aims to make advanced financial tools accessible to all, backed by strong investor confidence and a dedicated team driving transformative change in the industry.

May 30, 2024 at 08:00 pm

Updated May 30, 2024 at 08:00 pm


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Aperture Finance's Intent-based Architecture allows users to specify desired outcomes in their DeFi interactions, simplifying the process by executing transactions when certain conditions are met.

Key investors include Skyland Ventures, Blockchain Founders Fund, Alchemy, Tide, SNZ, Stratified Capital, Cipholio, and ViaBTC.

The Solver Network is a decentralized system that calculates optimal transaction flows and ranks them using smart contracts, enhancing transaction efficiency and accuracy.

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