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SingularityNET & Minswap Labs Partner to Transform Cardano DeFi

SingularityNET and Minswap Labs have joined forces to transform Cardano DeFi. They aim to bring cutting-edge products and services to the Web3 space.

SingularityNET and Minswap Labs collaboration transforming Cardano DeFi
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Key Takeaways

  1. Revolutionizing Cardano DeFi: SingularityNET and Minswap Labs have formed a dynamic partnership bringing innovative solutions to the Web3 space.
  2. Enhanced Usability with Miniswap Integration: Through their exclusive agreement, the two entities are set to explore integrating Miniswap’s decentralized exchange framework.
  3. Synergy of DeFi and AI: Leveraging SingularityNET’s cutting-edge AI technology, the collaboration will not only enhance the functionality of the Minswap platform but also bring together the realms of DeFi and AI.
  4. Driving Liquidity and Participation: With a focus on bolstering liquidity pools and incentivizing token participation; the partnership aims to attract a wider audience, including AGIX holders.
  5. Strategic Vision for Future Development: Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, underscores the significance of AI and DeFi integration in shaping the future of global economies.
  6. AI-Driven Enhancements for MinSwap: From intuitive user interfaces to advanced analytical tools, the partnership explores various avenues through which AI can augment the functionalities of MinSwap.
  7. Exploring New Frontiers: Long Nguyen, CEO of Minswap Labs, sees the partnership as an opportunity to venture into uncharted territories.
  8. Pioneering Decentralized AI: Founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, SingularityNET aims to democratize access to artificial general intelligence (AGI) through decentralized means.
  9. Recognition for Innovation: Minswap, a leading decentralized exchange (DEX) within the Cardano ecosystem, has garnered acclaim for its innovative contributions.

Under their exclusive agreement, both companies will explore integrating Miniswap’s decentralized exchange framework to enhance the usability of SingularityNET’s native token. This means making it easier for people to use and access AGI tokens.

SingularityNET’s AI technology will also be used to improve the Minswap platform, making AGI tokens more available and useful. This collaboration will bring together DeFi and AI to create new features in both areas.

One focus of the partnership is to increase liquidity pools and use token incentives to encourage more people to participate in their ecosystems. This involves strategies to attract AGIX holders, who represent a significant portion of the TVL on the Cardano network.

Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, highlighted the importance of AI and DeFi working together as AI becomes increasingly important in the global economy. He sees collaboration between these technologies as essential for future development.

There are many ways AI can enhance a decentralized exchange like MinSwap. For example, it can improve user interfaces and provide analysis to help users make better decisions. Similarly, increasing token liquidity through MinSwap could bring more AI capabilities to Cardano.

Long Nguyen, CEO of Minswap Labs, sees the partnership as an opportunity to explore new features for Minswap V2, including AI integrations and token bridge capabilities from SingularityNET.

SingularityNET, founded by Dr. Ben Goertzel, aims to create a decentralized and beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI). The company has grown rapidly thanks to its team of skilled engineers, scientists, researchers, businessmen, and marketers.

Minswap, a decentralized exchange (DEX), has been recognized for its contributions to the Cardano ecosystem, winning the Best DeFi Award at the 2022 and 2023 Cardano Summits. Their innovations include the FISO model, known for its fairness, and a focus on Protocol Owned Liquidity.

April 26, 2024 at 9:00 am

Updated April 26, 2024 at 9:00 am


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The partnership aims to revolutionize Cardano DeFi by integrating SingularityNET's AI technology with Minswap’s decentralized exchange, enhancing Web3 products and services.

By leveraging AI, the functionality of Minswap’s platform will be enhanced, offering intuitive user interfaces and advanced analytical tools to improve user decision-making in DeFi.

Expect AI-driven enhancements, increased liquidity pools, and innovative token incentives designed to attract a broader audience, including AGIX token holders.

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