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Parcl Launches PRCL Tokens on Solana for Real Estate Trading

Parcl, a real estate trading protocol based on Solana, has introduced its native PRCL tokens. These tokens were distributed in a recent airdrop snapshot on April 8, totaling 800 million in supply. Early adopters were granted 75 million tokens, with an additional 5 million reserved for core community members.

The PRCL token, initially priced at $1.23 during the pre-sale on the OTC platform Whales Market, has placed the project’s valuation at over $1 billion. Parcl functions as a decentralized exchange, offering perpetual futures for real estate assets, and facilitating global property trading.

PRCL tokens on Solana blockchain for real estate trading
Source: Coinbackyard

Here’s a breakdown of the token distribution:

Early Adopters75 million
Core Community
5 million
Core Contributors92% of total
Community Incentives92% of total
Early Supporters92% of total
Ecosystem Fund92% of total
Total Distribution Completion2028

Despite recent volatility in the market, with declines observed in other newly airdropped tokens, PRCL has managed to secure listings on various exchanges including OKX and Bybit, marking its official launch.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

The spotlight shines on Near Protocol (NEAR) as it marks a 4.2% surge following the launch of Aurora’s Forwarder. Aurora, a platform built on NEAR Protocol, introduced this tool to streamline asset transfers from centralized exchanges (CEXs) to the NEAR Protocol.

Near Protocol, established in April 2020, operates as a decentralized platform utilizing sharding technology for efficient app development and operation. Comparable to Amazon Web Services, Near Protocol boasts a distributed network and its native cryptocurrency, the NEAR token.

The Forwarder tool addresses the limitations imposed by CEXs, enhancing interoperability and providing developers with easier access to blockchain networks. Furthermore, Aurora has unveiled “Aurora Adventures” on Zealy, offering a $10,000 reward pool, along with the Aurora Pass, facilitating seamless connectivity within its ecosystem while eliminating gas fees.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Flows

The market witnesses dwindling inflows in spot Bitcoin ETFs amidst ongoing downturns. Grayscale’s GBTC experienced a significant outflow of $79.4 million, contributing to an overall net negative flow of $83.8 million for Bitcoin ETFs. Although Grayscale and BlackRock reported inflows, other spot Bitcoin ETFs reported zero activity over the last two trading days.

Additionally, the broader crypto investment product market observed outflows amounting to $126 million within the past week.

Drift Protocol’s Governance Token Airdrop

Drift Protocol, a Solana-based decentralized exchange, is gearing up to airdrop 100 million DRIFT governance tokens to its long-term users. Following a successful three-month incentivization program involving traders, borrowers, and lenders, Drift Protocol aims to decentralize its governance structure.

Venture capitalists, including prominent crypto VCs, are poised to receive 22% of the token distribution. Furthermore, allocations of 43% and 25% have been earmarked for ecosystem development and protocol development, respectively.

Drift Protocol offers a wide array of trading services, including perpetuals with up to 20x leverage and spot trading. The transition to a new governance structure will introduce a security council and a Futarchy DAO, empowering market-driven decisions to guide the protocol’s development and operations.

April 26, 2024 at 1:00 pm

Updated April 26, 2024 at 1:00 pm


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PRCL tokens are the native cryptocurrency of the Parcl protocol, designed for decentralized real estate trading on the Solana blockchain.

PRCL tokens were distributed through an airdrop, with 75 million tokens for early adopters and 5 million reserved for core community members.

PRCL tokens are available for trading on major exchanges like OKX and Bybit.

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