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Animoca Brands Japan Set to Launch NFT Launchpad in Summer 2024

Animoca Brands Japan plans to launch an NFT launchpad in Japan. It will be a platform for Web3 projects to showcase and sell their digital assets. They’ll also get support for sales strategies and marketing efforts.

Illustration of Animoca Brands Japan NFT Launchpad interface
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Key Takeaways

  • Launchpad Announcement: Animoca Brands Japan is launching an NFT launchpad in Japan for Web3 projects to showcase and sell their digital assets.
  • Inclusive Invitation: Everyone is invited to join the NFT launchpad, promoting diversity and excitement for innovation.
  • Supporting Web3 Projects and Japanese IP: Animoca Brands Japan aims to help Japanese creators and content become part of the Web3 world, fostering growth and new ideas.
  • NFT Launchpad Details: The launchpad will facilitate buying and selling digital assets using credit cards or crypto, with various sales methods like lottery or first come, first-served.
  • How to Apply: Web3 projects interested in selling on the launchpad can apply through a simple and easy-to-understand process.
  • Opportunity for Growth: The NFT launchpad is expected to play a significant role in driving innovation, collaboration, and growth within the Web3 industry.

This announcement from Animoca Brands Japan is a big deal for Web3. It shows how the industry is growing and changing. The launchpad is set to start in the summer of 2024. This shows how much the company cares about innovation and growth in NFTs.

Animoca Brands Japan is inviting everyone to join the NFT launchpad. They want it to be a diverse and exciting place for innovation. The official name of the launchpad will be revealed in early May 2024. This adds even more excitement for the Web3 community.

Supporting Web3 Projects and Japanese Intellectual Property (IP)

Animoca Brands is a big player in the Web3 world. They focus on making games and using blockchain technology. With their branch, Animoca Brands Japan, they want to help Japanese creators get into Web3 too. This means they want to help Japanese ideas and content become a part of the Web3 world. They think this will lead to more growth and new ideas.

Animoca Brands Japan also wants to connect Japanese content with fans worldwide. They want to make it easier for people to use Web3 technology. They also want to give users more interesting content and experiences. This shows how much they care about making Web3 better for everyone.

The NFT launchpad will let people buy and sell digital assets. You can use credit cards or crypto to pay. It’ll also offer different ways to sell, like a lottery or first-come, first-served.

How to Apply for Web3 Projects?

If you’re a Web3 project and want to sell your stuff on the launchpad, you can apply. Animoca Brands Japan has made the application process easy to understand and quick to do. They want all kinds of projects and creators to join in, so they’re keeping things clear and simple.

Animoca Brands Japan’s NFT launchpad is set to be a big deal in the Web3 world. It will help bring new ideas, teamwork, and growth to the industry. Don’t miss out on being a part of this exciting journey into the world of NFTs

April 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Updated April 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm


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The Animoca Brands Japan NFT Launchpad is a platform set to launch in Summer 2024 for showcasing and selling digital assets in the Web3 ecosystem.

The launchpad invites creators and investors interested in the digital assets market to participate in a diverse and innovative Web3 environment.

Participants can use both credit cards and cryptocurrencies to buy and sell digital assets on the NFT Launchpad.

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